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The Pain Institute of Central Jersey and Neurology is the shore’s leading provider of interventional pain management.  The goal of the Pain Institute of Central Jersey and Neuropathy, and Neurology is to provide patients with complete pain management care.  Without the use of traditional maintenance medication, the practice, run by Dr. Samuel D. Schenker, specializes in spinal injections, epidurals, spinal cord simulators and such.  Such procedures can be performed directly in the office or performed at an outpatient surgical center.

Being a specialist in neurology, Dr. Schenker also provides some neurological treatment plans. While not treating all forms of neurology, Dr. Schenker does treat Neuropathy as well as shingles and migraines. Dr. Schenker also provides motor vehicle assessments and treatments plans for both neurology and pain management.



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  • What an amazing listener. Approaches the entire body for health and general wellness. Remembers me from visit to visit. Gives me hope for living my life
    Peggy J. Patient
  • First time patient of the Doctor and I find that he is a great doctor. He will not coddle you, but tell the truth. Most do not wish to hear that. So that may explain some of the negatives from other people. I for one am very satisfied.
    H. C. Patient
  • Dr. Schenker is ALWAYS willing to listen, he cares about my pain and daily well-being, and is always willing to try new approaches. I trust him implicitly to give injections in the exact right place.
    Amy L. Patient